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Attention all fic writers, artists, fanvid makers, fanmixers, etc. greglovesjimmy  invites you to participate in the first H/W Slash/Porn Fest (two fests in one).

Why two fests instead of just one?

The members of greglovesjimmy felt this fandom needed more House/Wilson slash, specifically more House/Wilson porn, but we couldn't decide whether we wanted a porn/kink fest or a more inclusive slash fest so you get both. What makes this fest (or rather these fests) different from most other fests is that you can submit art, graphics (comics, wallpapers, banners, etc), fanmixes, videos, haikus (and other types of poems) as well as fic.

1. The work (whether it's art, fic or other) should be either pre-slash and/or slash. Sorry, no "friendship-only" works accepted.

2. No character bashing (of either House or Wilson). Angst is fine, but if the only purpose of your fic, art, etc. is to show why you don't like a character (for example: Wilson), then the H/W Slash/Porn Fest is not for you.

3. Anyone can submit prompts (and more than one person can claim the same prompt). You don't have to submit prompts in order to participate in the fests.

4. Fic should be beta'ed or at least spell-checked. If you don't have a beta, you can ask someone at hw_reqs , housefic_beta or even find_me_a_beta , originalbeta , willbetaforfood

*Same rules apply for Porn Fest except the fic/art/vid, etc for Porn Fest has to be porn/kink (hence the porn in "Porn Fest"). First-time slash is acceptable (actually it's even encouraged!)

Submitting prompts starts today (June 1) through June 8. Claiming prompts starts on June 9-16. You can submit your work/creation anytime after June 16. The fest closes on September 1.

Prompt SubmissionsJune 1-8
Prompt ClaimingJune 9-16
Fest openingJune 17
Fest closing Sept 1

Submit prompts for Slash Fest here. Submit prompts for Porn Fest here. If you have any questions about the fests, let me know in the comments or send me a pm. 



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